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How To Use The Sleep Cycle App

If you own an iPhone or a phone powered by Android, you might have heard of the “Sleep Cycle” app, which is supposed to work by monitoring your sleep and making sure it wakes you up when you are at your lightest point of sleep – which will leave you feeling much more awake than you would if you were awoken from a deep sleep.


Of course, the question this app brings up is: Does it actually work?


The answer to this question is simple: It absolutely works, as the way in which your body moves will differ depending on the sleep cycle you are in, and by tracking your movements as you sleep the app knows if you are in deep sleep or light sleep.



The app costs only 99 cents, and if you ever feel more tired than you should after a full night of sleep, you should certainly consider using this app – after all, as long as you use it correctly, it just might be the trick you needed to keep you feeling more awake!


You will have to use this app with your phone plugged in, as the screen cannot be shut off during the night in order for the app to work (which is an inconvenience, of course – but this inconvenience is minor when compared to the fact that you can wake up feeling more refreshed!).


You will set the alarm for a certain time, and the Sleep Cycle app will wake you up within a 30 minute window leading up to that time – making sure it waits to wake you up until it registers you as being in light sleep. Once your phone is plugged in and the alarm has been set, just set the phone face-down near your head, with the top of the phone facing you (you can slip it under a corner of your sheet if you want, to keep yourself from knocking the phone off during the night), and you will be all set to sleep!


In the morning, the Sleep Cycle app will wake you up when you are in your lightest state of sleep, and you can go into the day feeling much more rested because of this!