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Tips For Becoming A Better Rock Climber

Rock climbing, at its core, is simply a great workout, a great way to get outside and enjoy nature, and a great hobby to have, but as is the case with just about any hobby, rock climbing also becomes more fun when you are constantly improving and becoming better at it; it can be a bit difficult at times to figure out exactly what you can (or should!) do in order to become a better rock climber, but if you have been searching for exactly what you can do to improve, here are a few ideas to keep in mind!


You might think that always trying harder routes is the best way to improve as a rock climber, but the best thing you can actually do to improve as a rock climber is to traverse the walls (climbing sideways across them, instead of climbing up them), as this will build strength and will also practice you at more difficult holds; as you traverse more frequently, you will find that the muscles you need for rock climbing are getting progressively stronger, and you will find that you are much more balanced when you attack the walls again.


Climbing with someone who is better than you is another great way to get better at climbing; make sure this person is spotting you and even helping you to see the holds, and you will be able to try the things they are trying, which will push you to keep improving as a climber.



And of course, climbing more difficult routes will help (even if it will not help as much as traversing will!), so keep trying routes that are tough for you, and realize that even when you are not able to complete them, you will still be pushing yourself to keep improving every time you try.


The more often you climb, the more practice you will get, and the more practice you get – especially as you keep these things in mind – the more adept you will continue to be!