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Throwing Pottery

If pottery is something that you tend to enjoy, you have probably spent a significant amount of money purchasing pots that you can use as decoration, or even that you can use for practical purposes such as plants in your house or storage for different items. Of course, pottery is a great way to add character and beauty to your house, and while you probably knew this already, you might not have known that it is not that difficult to throw pottery yourself; in fact, throwing pottery can be a lot of fun, and decorating your home with pots you have thrown yourself will be much more rewarding than decorating it with pots you purchased from someone else.


Early on in your adventure with throwing pottery, you should begin with a small piece of clay (after all, each chunk of clay tends to make a larger pot than you might imagine), and you should spin the wheel at full-speed, keeping the clay wet as you slowly work with your hands to get the clay centered.

Once you have centered and shaped the clay so that it is symmetrical all the way around, you can slow the wheel down to about three-quarters speed and make a hole in the center of the clay, using your outstretched fingers; the hole should be right in the center of the clay, and should go all the way down near the bottom.

Finally, you will be able to slow down the pottery wheel and begin shaping the clay; do this by putting light pressure on the inside and outside of the clay as you slowly raise up, which will gradually increase the length of the sides of your pot.

You will become better and better at making pots that look how you want them to look as you work with pottery more and more – and of course, the more you work with pottery, the more you will be able to decorate your house with pots that you have made yourself!