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The Revolutionary Nintendo Wii

In front of the TV and on the couch is the most common place to play video games. A controller is then used to navigate each game. Movement isn’t something that was necessary in order to enjoy the game. Nintendo was the first big leader in video gaming, so it is fitting that they are the leader in changing it. Nintendo has revolutionized video gaming once again with the debut of its Wii system.


The game player is very active while they are playing the Wii. There are still controllers being used, but they need to be moved in order for the game to be played. There are bands to strap the wireless controller to the hands of the game players. The player then actively moves with the controller in their grasp in order to play the levels of the games.


As you can see the game player ends up being actively involved. If they are playing a baseball game they will be swinging at pitches while their friend throws the pitch. If they play a game involving bowling they will bowl the ball towards pins. The interactive game play is amazing compared to other systems, but other systems do have much better graphics than the Wii does.


The Wii’s game play has also lead to a new genre of games. Fitness games have become very popular because of the Wii’s ability to use the player to interact. Different work out routines within the game allow the game player to stay in shape with workouts. Some workout games come with new controller accessories to use while others will just utilize the basic controller the Wii comes with.


The Wii system has reached out to not only kids, but also grown ups who enjoy it. Kids want to be active and interact with the game they are playing. Staying in shape is a big part of adults lives. By fulfilling these desires the Wii has created a system that brings the entire family together for game nights.