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Honeymooning In Fiji

If you are starting to plan your honeymoon, it can be difficult to know exactly the sorts of places that will be right for you. After all, you may want to do something different and exotic, but you may also have to remain conscious of a certain budget. Maybe you want a beach honeymoon, but you also want to avoid lots of noise and big crowds, and you don’t think you can find that in Mexico and the Caribbean without blowing all your savings. One place to look into, if your idea of the perfect honeymoon is a week on a tropical beach without big crowds, is Fiji.




Fiji is a group of islands that are situated in the South Pacific, with the northernmost island of New Zealand just a little over one thousand miles to the southwest. These islands are known for their beatiful water, their friendly people, and their beaches – beaches as breathtaking as any you will find anywhere in the world. Regardless of the budget you are working with, you can probably find a Fiji vacation that is right for you.



If you decide to book a trip to Fiji, plan to use a travel agent, as they can help you save money on your plane ticket – which is typically the biggest cost of a trip to Fiji. After you have taken care of your plane tickets, you will have a breadth of options available, ranging from exclusive resorts at $5000 per person to all-inclusive accommodations for as little as $1500 per person. If you are thinking of the all-inclusive places in Mexico when you hear “all inclusive,” think again, as these places in Fiji will not have the crowds of those places. These all-inclusive destinations in Fiji are often located on small islands with as few as 20 to 30 Bures (the huts used on Fiji) on the whole island!



If you are looking for something quiet, relaxing, laid-back, and exclusive, Fiji is a great place to look, as most of these islands will put you up in a Bure of your own, right on the beach! Consider planning a trip to Fiji for your honeymoon, and this most important vacation of your life will also become one of the most memorable you will ever take!