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Getting To Know Some Traffic Rules You Might Not Know About

When you are driving around town, your first goal should be to remain safe on the road; a close second to this goal, however, is probably that you avoid getting pulled over and stuck with a ticket – and in your efforts to avoid the unpleasant surprise of a ticket, it will be important for you to adhere to all rules of the road, no matter how obscure they are. While the following rules are unlikely to get you stuck with a ticket, they are all technically grounds for a moving violation – and if you are not aware of them, a surly police officer just might decide to give you a ticket when you least expect it!


Changing lanes: You probably know already that it is not legal to cross a solid line on the road, but what you might not have known is that you also cannot change lanes when you are going through an intersection; if you need to change lanes at an intersection, make sure you either do it before you enter the intersection or after you leave the intersection!



Turning into the proper lane: If you need to be in the far lane after making a turn, it might seem natural to make a sweeping turn that puts you in that lane right away, but you should make sure you are aware of the fact that it is actually illegal to turn into any lane but the nearest one – no matter what lane you are needing to be in!


Red lights: The fact that a red light always means Stop is something that people frequently neglect to pay attention to; this means that, even if you are making a right turn at a red light, you are still supposed to come to a complete stop before you keep going!


It is easy to figure you will never get stuck with more than a warning for breaking these rules – but it is just as easy (and a whole lot smarter!) to simply adhere to these rules, and to avoid the chance of a ticket altogether!