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Fruit Basket Gifts of Temple Oranges For Special Occasions!

Banish your winter blues away with some bright temple oranges. Bring some warm summer like feeling in your life with the distinctive flavor of Temple oranges.

Temple oranges make great fruit basket gifts. Make your short winter days more cheerful with some Temple oranges. As you quench your thirst with the sweet juice of these oranges the flavor and fragrance will linger on for hours. These oranges have a tart, tangy taste. These succulent gems peel easily and have a high content of Vitamin C which helps to keep away the winter flu from attacking your body.

There are more of these oranges planted around the world than other orange varieties. A temple orange skin is somewhat loosely attached to the segments. This makes them easy to peel. These oranges have an oval shape. The skin is thick and rough with an outer skin that has a deep orange color.

The Temple orange is a hybrid orange between a tangerine and an orange. The sweet tart flesh has a large number of seeds. The harvest season is from December to March.

When you eat these oranges they are very pleasing to your palate. They are the finest eating oranges according to statistics. The taste just lingers on. Once you try one you are hooked. Then you will be looking to get our next Temple orange fruit basket gifts as early as possible.

Over time, these oranges became known as “Queen of the Crop.” The taste of these oranges will refresh you every time you eat them. This great tasting fruit can be eaten off your hand. If you prefer you can juice them and drink it from a glass. The sections or segments can be separated very easily by hand and when you put them into your mouth you can taste the tart smooth flavor. When spring is around the corner, you know it is time for Temple oranges and you are ready to get some of them in special fruit basket gifts.

During Valentine celebrations there is an abundance of Temple oranges. The rich aroma, sweet pulp and juice make delicious snacks and refreshing drinks for young and old alike. You fell like royalty when you eat them! They are rich in color with an aromatic flavor. The smell of the sweet and tangy flavor awakens your taste buds to have some temple oranges juice that moment. The juice makes your day energetic and pleasant.

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