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Enjoying Christmas While Saving Money

The giving of gifts is one of the biggest aspects of Christmas, but while some people have a lot of fun giving gifts, others see this as something that is extremely stressful; if you (or if you and your family) have ever gone through Christmas feeling like giving gifts is something stressful rather than fun, you may be taking the wrong approach – and the right approach does not necessarily have as much to do with spending more money as it has to do with knowing how to enjoy Christmas, even while saving money!


The first step to enjoying Christmas even while you are working to save money is to establish within your family the reason why all of you are exchanging gifts; make it perfectly clear that none of you are giving gifts in order to get something in return, but rather, that you are each buying gifts for the others in your family in order to do something that is a blessing for them, which will make the actual purchasing of gifts of whole lot more fun for each person.



After you and your family have clearly established the reason why you are giving gifts, the next thing you should consider doing is setting a budget that each person in your family is allowed to spend on each person for whom they are buying gifts. When you do this and “require” that no one goes over budget, it will be a lot easier for everyone in your family to have fun buying gifts, as they will know exactly how much they’re going to spend, and will not have to worry about going overboard – instead being able to simply enjoy spending the money they have set aside!


And finally, realize when you are getting gifts that it is not about what you are getting so much as it is about appreciating what people are buying for you; after all, you can always spend your own money on the things you “need,” but you cannot always have the pleasure of receiving thoughtful gifts from other members of your family.