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Bike Tool Must Haves

If you are planning a longer bike ride, you really should make sure to have some basic things packed with you on your bike. These tools which are must haves, can really save the day when you have trouble on the road. Most of these can easily attach to your bike frame or be carried in a jersey pocket or case.


Your biggest enemy is getting a flat tire. This is inconvenient to deal with especially if you don’t have the right equipment. The first thing you must have a tire changing tool and patch kit if you don’t plan on packing a spare tube on your bike. This tool helps you remove the tire from the rim to gain access to the tube. If you can find the leak you can fix it with the patching kit. This can be very tricky, which is why you should look at carrying a spare tube instead.


You will want to make sure you carry a pump to air your tube back up afterwords. Some people really like the Topeak pocket rocket bike pump.


This lightweight aluminum pump allows you to get a high amount of pressure into your tire. This pump can be attached to your bike and is actually really tiny. A CO2 inflator bike pump is another great option.


These fill your tube with air quickly with the use of C02 cartrages. These easily fit in a pocket or seat bag.


A bike specific multitool is also important for all those minor adjustments and tuning. The top peak allen II is a great tool to consider for this.


It is important to make sure you have at least some basic tools when you are on the road to help keep you out of trouble.