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Understanding Why You Need To Exchange Information When You Get In A Car Wreck

Getting into a car wreck is never a good experience – regardless of whether it is your fault or the fault of the other person – but if you fail to make sure and properly exchange information, it can turn out to be an even worse experience than it already is! A lot of people make the mistake of failing to exchange information, thinking that it takes too long, and thinking that there is no real need to exchange information as long as there is no real damage to the cars, but what these people fail to realize is that they might not see the damage the collision caused – and this includes the damage it might have caused to their body!



The exchange of insurance information will be the most important thing; you should both have an insurance card in your car, and will be able to exchange policy numbers, but if the person tells you that they don’t have the insurance card with them, and offers to give you a phone number and address instead, make sure you take the time to get a police officer on the scene! It will be better to wait and make sure the information they are giving you is correct than to take the chance that they actually have no insurance.


Getting a phone number will also be key, as you will want to be able to easily contact the person later on; hopefully, neither of you will need to use the information you have exchanged (that is to say, hopefully there truly has been no damage to either of your cars or to either of your bodies), but being able to get in touch with them “just in case” will be important.


And finally – even if you have made sure to get their insurance information and their phone number (a photo of their license plate wouldn’t hurt either!) – getting a police officer to the scene is always a good idea, as this will ensure that there is a record of the collision, and that anything you claim will be held up by an officer of the law!