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Tools For Tiling

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and were jealous that they had nice tiled floors in their kitchen and bathroom? These beautiful tiles can be yours and yes you are the one who can do it. Tiling is actually pretty easy to do when you have the correct tools at your disposal. If you are interested in tiling, the first thing you really need to purchase is a book explaining the process. The steps are easy but you do need to know them. Stanley Complete Tiling is a great book to not only learn what you need to do to tile but also some great ideas. After you understand the steps, you have got to get your hands on some tools.


When you tile you with out question will have to cut some of it to get the job done.  It is recommended that your purchase a 7″ wet table saw. You have to purchase a wet saw in order to cut the tiling a regular table saw will just chip and shatter the tile. Because of how loud the cutting is, and the amount of chips that go flying from the tile having protective equiptment is highly recommended.  Gloves, ear protection, and safety glasses are highly recommended purchases.


Another tool you should consider purchasing is a laser level square.  This will help you line up the tiles and keep them square. This is very important for the appearance of your flooring. A mortar trowel will also be necessary when you go to lay your tile onto your mortar. This trowel helps to keep the mortar depth uniform under the tile. Grouting is one of the final steps in the tiling process.


Grouting bags can be a great help in keeping this part of the project a bit less messy. Any extra grout that gests on the tiles needs to be removed with sponges or rags.  You may wish to purchase extras so they can just be tossed at the end. Finally after everything is set, dried, and cured, you will have to seal your grout as the final step to the process. Anyone can tile with the right tools and a bit of knowledge.