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Five Tricks For Eating Fewer Calories

Trying to diet? Are you trying to eat less, but find yourself going over your calorie limits? Try these painless tricks for eating less without even noticing.


Use small plates whenever possible. Or buy plates that are large, but have a wide brim with a colorful design on them, making the eating surface appear smaller. Your portions will look bigger, making you serve yourself less food. Use this same trick for bowls and dessert dishes. Serve treats in fun, tiny dessert bowls that will make desserts look more indulgent and bigger than they are.


Use tall, slim glasses for drinks. The height of the glass will trick your eye into thinking you have more than you do. Make your low calorie beverage feel like a treat by adding a fun garnish such as a cherry, pineapple wedge, or slice of cucumber.


Eat only at the table. If you only eat when sitting at the table, you’ll stop snacking in between meals so much. A lot of overeating happens while watching TV, working on the computer, or standing in the kitchen, just “having a little snack”.


Squeeze vegetables into recipes every chance you get. Add extra vegetables to recipes that normally have scant amounts or no vegetables at all. Try adding spinach and artichokes to lasagna and broccoli or green beans into casseroles. You’ll improve the taste, texture, and nutritional value of the meal while reducing calories per serving.


Read up on the digusting facts behind some of the worst junk foods. Gross yourself out by watching “Supersize Me” and think about some of the less appealing parts of the movie every time you crave fast food. Do you have a weakness for sausages or hot dogs? Educate yourself on the ingredients and you’ll findit much easier to say no thank you at the next barbeque. Try to think of healthy foods as good rewards instead of thinking of unhealthy foods as deserved treats.


Use these tips to help you eat fewer calories and lose that unwanted weight.